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Thabo Made Us Do It

September 7, 2009 2 comments
Former President Thabo Mbeki

Former President Thabo Mbeki

For the functionaries of the new regime under President Jacob Zuma, everything that goes wrong in the country gets blamed on former President Thabo Mbeki.

It all started with  Mbeki being written out of history by those who took control of the party machinery after the watershed ANC national conference held in 2007 in polokwane, Limpopo province.

After his election as President of the Republic of South Africa Jacob Zuma neglected to mention Mbeki in his acceptance speech. It was only at his inaugration as the fourth President of the Republic of South Africa that Zuma acknowldged and spoke in glowing terms of Mbeki.

In this address Zuma had the following to say about Mbeki:

“In June 1999, former President Thabo Mbeki came to this podium to take the oath of office, as the second President of the Republic. He took the country forward as true statesman.

“He made a remarkable contribution towards strengthening democracy, and laid a firm foundation for economic growth and development.

“He made our contry an integral part of the continent and worked tirelessly for an African rebirth. Through his leadership, South Africa`s stature grew in the continet and globally.

President Jacob Zuma

President Jacob Zuma

In his last address as Head of State in September last year, he demonstrated his patriotism, and put the interests of the country above his personal interests.

Thank you Zizi for demonstrating a charecter that the ANC had always embodied since 1912.”

Of late former President Mbeki has once more come under heavy attack from the organisation that he has served with unmatched distinction over many years.

The first salvo in recent times was fired by Minister of Human Settlements, Tokyo Sexwale, who blamed the recent spate of service delivery riots on the past administration of Mbeki.

Then there was little Julius Malema himself. In his most recent public outburst, Malema said Mbeki had taught young people bad manners and should therefore be taken to court for having violated the rights of women.

The ANC has conveniently remained quite about these attacks like it did in the past. This is obviously a cause for real concern when an organisation such as the ANC can allow one of its own to be violated such as former President Mbeki has been.


ANC Brooks No Dissent

August 19, 2009 Leave a comment

manuelmhThere is little publicised fact about the ruling African National Congress – intolerance of dissenting voices which throws the party in the same league of the National party of our apartheid days.

This little publicised fact came back to mind when I read of the party reporting the City Press and Sunday Times newspapers to the Press Ombudsman for “publishing articles that illustrate the abuse of press freedom.’

The crimes of the two newspapers being to dare highlight the troubles playing themselves out within the leading organs of the ruling party – this  really has nothing to do at all with a journalism that reports truthfully, accurately and fairly.

What has today become the ANC`s defining charecter of intolerance goes as far back as the founding of Robert Sobukwe`s Pan Africanist Congress.

During its earlier days the PAC gave big brother ANC a run for its money by upstaging it at any given opportunity starting with Sharpeville and Langa.

In exile the ANC did all it could to project itself as the sole and authentic voice of the South African struggle for liberation. So successful was the ANC in this regard that the gullible international community came to equate the party with the freedom struggle. Neither did Steve Biko`s Black Conciousness Movement escape the mighty wrath and intolerance of the ANC who cast the former as agents of Western imperialism.

Internal struggle initiatives such as June 16, UDF, COSATU, and SADTU were passed as the grand work of the then exiled ANC. This arrogance and intolerance carried the ANC through the negotiations that gifted us 1994.

During Thabo Mbeki`s tenure as president dissent, internal and external was not tolerated. Whatever little room for healthy dissent which survived then disappeared in the wake of the watershed 2007 Polokwane conference which also passed a resolution declaring the ANC`s intention to form a media appeals tribunal to obviously manage and manipulate media content.

Then came president Jacob Zuma`s world famous lawsuits against the media.

It now remains to be seen what awaits the country beyond the ANC leadership`s sabre-rattling, lawsuits and complaints to the Ombudsman.

Running with Horses – Dr Allan Boesak

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment
The Book

The Book

The much awaited book by Dr Allan Boesak, Running with Hoerses – reflections of an accidental politicians, has finally been released.

Some of us have been waiting for the book out of curiosity since Dr Boesak, obviously out of bitterness and frustration, had threatened to reveal names of those who benefited from aid money which saw him do time in prison.

Dr Boesak whom his detractors will always see as a fraudster and a thief went to prison proclaiming innocence from charges of fraud and theft against him. He maintains this plea of innocence up to this day.

He feels betrayed by his former organisation, the ANC, whose leadership maintained an undignified silence through out his ordeal.

The books makes for interesting reading and is an eye-opener on the past third years that covers his life as an activist in the church and in public life. No holy cows are spared in Dr Boesak`s relentless pursuit of justice.

During these thirty years Dr Boesak was in the thick of things which among others included:

– the international isolation campaign of apartheid South Africa

– internal resistance which included the formation of the United Democratic Front

– the release of political prisoners and the unbanning of formations such as the ANC

– the dawn of democracy and freedom.

– his marginalisation at the hands of ANC leaders

UDF Logo

UDF Logo

The influnce of Dr Boesak by the philosophy of Black Conciousness and the readings of Black Theology are also dealt with in much detail in the book.

Of interest to many will obviously be how he deals with his conviction for fraud and theft charges which saw him spending time in prison. On this subject he puts aside a full chapter to deal at length with how donor funds were accounted for informed by political circumstances of the time which demanded that very little information be given away.

What however remains unanswered in the book, is who were the beneficiaries of donor funds which found their way into the coffers of Dr Boesak`s Foundation for Peace and Justice. What get is:

Assistance ranged from legal aid to emergency aid to continued funding for the new campaigns needed to combat the new oppresive situation caused by the state of mergency. Among those assisted were trade unions and community organisations, families and individuals.”

Still on this subject Dr Boesak goes on to write:

In order to persuade the court, had I testified, I would have had to call Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, Beyers Naude’ and Frank Chikane and many members of parliament who had administered or received monies for whatever reason in those dark and difficult days.”

Dr Allan Boesak

Dr Allan Boesak

Dr Boesak`s anger and bitterness is with the ANC which he feels let him him down by not speaking out in his defence even the party was privy how funds by the Foundation for Peace and Justice had been spent.

He is however grateful to former president Thabo Mbeki who granted him a pardon which saw his criminal slate being wiped clean.

Running with Horse is welcome addition to the body of literature on  South Africa`s struggle for liberation and deserves a place of honour and pride in every family`s bookshelf.


August 11, 2009 Leave a comment
Dr Allan Boesak`s Memoir
Dr Allan Boesak`s Memoir

The long-awaited book by Dr Allan Boesak, now COPE member of the Western Cape provincial legislature, has eventually seen the light of day. Long waited because there have been hints that Dr Boesak would tell all about his indictment for allegedly misapropriating donor funding meant for the work of his Foundation for Peace and Justice.

The publication of the book : Running with Horses – reflections of an accidental politician was delayed after the former minister of finance Trevor Manuel registered his objection to claims in the book that his family benefited financially from Dr Boesak`s the Foundation for Peace and Justice. As a result of this intervention, a chapter in the book had to be re-written to accomodate Manuel`s objections.
Dr Boesak was sent to jail after he was found guilty of fraud and theft in a case related to donor funds to his Foundation for Peace and Justice which couldn`t be adequately be accounted for. He wouldn`t testify during the trial, but insisted all the time that funds donated to the Foundation had been used to assist organisations and individuals involved in the struggle against apartheid.
Former president Thabo Mbeki gave Dr Boesak a presidential pardon after his release from prison and his criminal slate was wipe clean.
The book is not devoted to Dr Boesak`s attempt to clear his name only, the bulk of it is devoted to his thirty years of activism in the church and public life.
I have just been gifted a copy that I am currently reading and intend to do a detailed review of the book. Running with Horses is an important addition to the literature of our most immediate past and will serve to deepen our understanding of the struggles which brought us democracy and freedom.

On His Master`s Service

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

_1625788_leon150The failed former leader of the official opposition Tony Leon has accepted a diplomatic posting to the Latin American country of Argentina – this appointment brings to three leading members of the rightwing Democratic Alliance who are In His Master, Jacob Zuma`s Service.

Tony Leon and the current DA leader Helen Zille have expressed unreserved happiness and satisfaction at this turn of developents.

Leon is the same fellow who over the years has cultivated the ANC and its leadership as enemies. What deepened this hatred was his preception that the former president and ANC leader Thabo Mbeki did accord him the respect he, Leon, deserved as the leader of the official opposition in parliament.

The political liquidation of former president Thabo Mbeki who he likes referring to as the now-vanquished president  has been a matter that Leon has never lost an opportunity to celebrate. This went to a point where he became an overnight praise-singer to Jacob Zuma in a move that marked a departure from the traditional DA stance on the the ANC.

Argentina is instrumental in building SA`s growing links with countries of Latin. Leon therefore has not been handed an insignificant diplomatic posting.

It now remains to be seen how Leon will serve his master, Jacob Zuma

Architects of Poverty

July 22, 2009 9 comments

Moeletsi Mbeki has just released a book : Architects of Poverty – Why African Capitalism Needs Changing. The book has been widely well received by those genuinely concerned with the future welfare of the continent.

However, as would be expected, the South African trade union federation COSATU hasn`t been mightily impressed by Moeletsi`s offerings in the book.

Responding to the book COSATU general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi had the following piece of  wisdom to offer, ” To comrade Moeletsi, the leadership of the liberation movement ended in September 2008 after his brother was recalled.”

Vavi`s comment followed the COSATU statement issued by spokesperson Patrick Craven in which the latter accuses Moeletsi of a personal dislike of Zuma and his allies, including COSATU. According to Craven this personal dislike has warped Moeletsi`s vision.

Mbeki`s crime lies in the following extracts from the book…they have no leadership. COSATU lost their leadership in 1994. The unions are left with leaders who have no education, no knowledge, no expertise. That`s why the poor are being ripped off…they don`t know the political economy of South Africa.

He goes on to write…they think they can ingratiate themselves with politicians of the ANC, so in the past four years they have been crawling to Jacob Zuma, thinking that they will use him. But Zuma ignored them once he got into power. He ignored them and privatised Vodacom.

In COSATU`s wisdom Moeletsi can no longer be treated as an independent commentator but someone with a personal grudge.

If COSATU has to be believed the book has nothing to offer but sour grapes by one of the Mbeki family who mourn the recall of Thabo Mbeki as presidency of South Africa and his defeat at the ANC conference in 2007 by Jacob Zuma.

COSATU`s response to the book is to say the least, tragic as it resorts to playing the man instead of playing the ball. In my future posts I will engage with the contents of the book and leave the fact that Moeletsi is former president Thabo Mbeki`s brother to COSATU.

Hello world!

July 22, 2009 2 comments

Hi I am Brave Heart  a blogger based in the South Africa of breath-taking events and developments. Thabo Mbeki Mbeki lost his bid to lead the African National Congress at the party`s 52nd national conference in 2007 thus paving the way for his recall as president of the country in 2008 –  a few months before the end of his second and last term in office.

The new ANC leadership had made it very clear from the word go that they wanted to remove Mbeki`s legacy, meaning politicians and administrators who had supported the former president had to be purged and replaced by members of Jacob Zuma`s fan club.

On the other hand a new political party, the Congress of the People was founded, by those disgruntled with the Jacob Zuma ANC. Since then elections have been held and the world`s worst nightmare has become real – Zuma is president of the Republic of South Africa!

All these trends and developments need to be recorded. This blog is my attempt at recording trends and developments in South Africa as they come to pass.

Comments and other inputs will be most welcome.