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August 11, 2009 Leave a comment
Dr Allan Boesak`s Memoir
Dr Allan Boesak`s Memoir

The long-awaited book by Dr Allan Boesak, now COPE member of the Western Cape provincial legislature, has eventually seen the light of day. Long waited because there have been hints that Dr Boesak would tell all about his indictment for allegedly misapropriating donor funding meant for the work of his Foundation for Peace and Justice.

The publication of the book : Running with Horses – reflections of an accidental politician was delayed after the former minister of finance Trevor Manuel registered his objection to claims in the book that his family benefited financially from Dr Boesak`s the Foundation for Peace and Justice. As a result of this intervention, a chapter in the book had to be re-written to accomodate Manuel`s objections.
Dr Boesak was sent to jail after he was found guilty of fraud and theft in a case related to donor funds to his Foundation for Peace and Justice which couldn`t be adequately be accounted for. He wouldn`t testify during the trial, but insisted all the time that funds donated to the Foundation had been used to assist organisations and individuals involved in the struggle against apartheid.
Former president Thabo Mbeki gave Dr Boesak a presidential pardon after his release from prison and his criminal slate was wipe clean.
The book is not devoted to Dr Boesak`s attempt to clear his name only, the bulk of it is devoted to his thirty years of activism in the church and public life.
I have just been gifted a copy that I am currently reading and intend to do a detailed review of the book. Running with Horses is an important addition to the literature of our most immediate past and will serve to deepen our understanding of the struggles which brought us democracy and freedom.