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On His Master`s Service

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

_1625788_leon150The failed former leader of the official opposition Tony Leon has accepted a diplomatic posting to the Latin American country of Argentina – this appointment brings to three leading members of the rightwing Democratic Alliance who are In His Master, Jacob Zuma`s Service.

Tony Leon and the current DA leader Helen Zille have expressed unreserved happiness and satisfaction at this turn of developents.

Leon is the same fellow who over the years has cultivated the ANC and its leadership as enemies. What deepened this hatred was his preception that the former president and ANC leader Thabo Mbeki did accord him the respect he, Leon, deserved as the leader of the official opposition in parliament.

The political liquidation of former president Thabo Mbeki who he likes referring to as the now-vanquished president  has been a matter that Leon has never lost an opportunity to celebrate. This went to a point where he became an overnight praise-singer to Jacob Zuma in a move that marked a departure from the traditional DA stance on the the ANC.

Argentina is instrumental in building SA`s growing links with countries of Latin. Leon therefore has not been handed an insignificant diplomatic posting.

It now remains to be seen how Leon will serve his master, Jacob Zuma