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Architects of Poverty : Book Review

August 3, 2009 Leave a comment

architects-of-povertyMoeletsi Mbeki`s book, Architects of Poverty : WHY AFRICAN CAPITALISM NEEDS CHANGING, provides a clinical analysis of the plight of Africa and concludes that the fault rightly lies not with the people but with its rulers – the political elites who contrive to keep their fellow citizens poor while enriching themselves.

The book tells a tale of lost opportuniries and extinguished hopes in Africa.

It also offers some suggestions about what needs to be done to break the stranglehold of the African elites on political power, and set sub-Saharan Africa once more on the road to development.

Moeletsi also expresses reservations about the African National Congress` Black Economic Empowerment which he says, “strikes a fatal blow against the emergence of black entrepreneurship by creating a small class of unproductive but wealthy black crony capitalists made up of  ANC politicians.”

What Moeletsi Mbeki has done is what many black South Africans have failed to do – become active and highly productive participants in the battle of ideas ragings across the length and breadth of the republic. The best black people have done in this raging battle has been, like COSATU,  try and silence the messenger.

The book is very simple, straight forward and makes for easy reading.