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Happy Birthday Ahmed Kathrada

August 21, 2009 Leave a comment
Ahmed Kathrada

Ahmed Kathrada

One of the two surving treason trialists Ahmed Kathrada turned 80 today, the other being Dr Nelson Mandela who celebrated his 91st birthday recently.

Through out his life Kathrada served the people of South Africa with distinction, more especially during the difficult days of the struggle for liberation. His name will always have a place of pride in the hearts of his country men and women.

After Mandela had been elected president of South Africa he appointed Kathrada as his parliamentary counsellor in recognition and celebration of  his immense contribution to the leberation of the country and its people.

It is sad that many who bore the brunt of apartheid repression during the era of Kathrada are no more and with them went a part of the institutional memory of our struggle.

Let us celebrate by learning as much as we can from  stalwarts like Kathrada while they are still alive for tomorrow they will no longer with us.