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ANC POLICY CONFERENCE – Yesterday, Today and Mangaung

The ANC National Policy Conference is now behind us. Its legacy for the country are recommendaions which will become the crux of the party’s 53rd national conference scheduled for Mangaung, Free State province, at the end of the year.

Ahead of the policy conference the ANC released about eleven discussion documents for consumption within and without its ranks ahead of its festival of ideas.

These discussion documents were in the following areas:
– International Relations
– Peace and Stability
– Communications
– Legislature and Governance
– Economic Transformation
– Gender
– Education and Health
– Social Transfromation
– Second Transition
– State Intervention in the Mineral Sector
– State Owned Entities and Development Finance Institutions

These discussion documents were to form the basis of the policy conference as the ANC change gears towards a thorough-going economic transformation.

The media and commentators in a factional and opposition bias reduced the policy conference into the “build-up to Mangaung” with the focus solely on the Draft Strategy and Tactics Document – Building a National Democratic Society and the Balance of Forces in 2012.

According to the media and commentators, the Second Transition discussion document was President Jacob Zuma’s ticket to a second term as president of the ANC and of the country. Those who opposed Zuma’s bid for another bite at the cherry would be violently opposed to the document.

The media also fed the unwary public the lie that the national policy conference will be a dress rehearsal of the ugliness of the Mangaung national conference proper.

Contrary to these prophecies of doom and gloom by the media and commentators, the policy conference transacted its weeklong business without any disaster.

It is now all systems go to refine the recommendations ahead of Mangaung.

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