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THE BATTLE OF IDEAS – Who Sets The Agenda.

Today the ANC completes its National Policy Conference after five days of serious reflection on the State of the Organisation and the State of the Nation. The importance of ANC conferences resonate far beyond the confines of the structures of the organisation. It derives this far-reaching importance from the fact that it is the ruling party and its decisions are bound to affect government and other sectors of the South African society.

It is against the backround of the ANC being the party in government that its conferences attract hoardes of journalists and commentators. In the South African context, journalists and commentators derive their existence and relevance from the ANC.

In the event we were to wake up one bad morning and the ANC had disappeared, the bulk of journalists, commentators and the oppositions would disappear too. This is how their existence is tied to the ANC.

The ANC by virtue of being the ruling party should have hegemonised its views in every sector of the South African society. It was supposed to lead in the realm of ideas and the rest of society was supposed to follow. Sadly this is not the case – the historically advantaged sections of the South Africa society continue to lead with the ANC following.

Talk of the tail wagging the dog, instead of the dog wagging the tail.

Where we are today, the ANC has lost the battle of ideas. The agenda of this battle is set elsewhere other than in the ANC – a tragedy of massive proportions.

In future interventions I’ll shed some light on why the ANC is losing the Battle of Ideas and how it can recoup its losses.

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