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Running with Horses – Dr Allan Boesak

The Book

The Book

The much awaited book by Dr Allan Boesak, Running with Hoerses – reflections of an accidental politicians, has finally been released.

Some of us have been waiting for the book out of curiosity since Dr Boesak, obviously out of bitterness and frustration, had threatened to reveal names of those who benefited from aid money which saw him do time in prison.

Dr Boesak whom his detractors will always see as a fraudster and a thief went to prison proclaiming innocence from charges of fraud and theft against him. He maintains this plea of innocence up to this day.

He feels betrayed by his former organisation, the ANC, whose leadership maintained an undignified silence through out his ordeal.

The books makes for interesting reading and is an eye-opener on the past third years that covers his life as an activist in the church and in public life. No holy cows are spared in Dr Boesak`s relentless pursuit of justice.

During these thirty years Dr Boesak was in the thick of things which among others included:

– the international isolation campaign of apartheid South Africa

– internal resistance which included the formation of the United Democratic Front

– the release of political prisoners and the unbanning of formations such as the ANC

– the dawn of democracy and freedom.

– his marginalisation at the hands of ANC leaders

UDF Logo

UDF Logo

The influnce of Dr Boesak by the philosophy of Black Conciousness and the readings of Black Theology are also dealt with in much detail in the book.

Of interest to many will obviously be how he deals with his conviction for fraud and theft charges which saw him spending time in prison. On this subject he puts aside a full chapter to deal at length with how donor funds were accounted for informed by political circumstances of the time which demanded that very little information be given away.

What however remains unanswered in the book, is who were the beneficiaries of donor funds which found their way into the coffers of Dr Boesak`s Foundation for Peace and Justice. What get is:

Assistance ranged from legal aid to emergency aid to continued funding for the new campaigns needed to combat the new oppresive situation caused by the state of mergency. Among those assisted were trade unions and community organisations, families and individuals.”

Still on this subject Dr Boesak goes on to write:

In order to persuade the court, had I testified, I would have had to call Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, Beyers Naude’ and Frank Chikane and many members of parliament who had administered or received monies for whatever reason in those dark and difficult days.”

Dr Allan Boesak

Dr Allan Boesak

Dr Boesak`s anger and bitterness is with the ANC which he feels let him him down by not speaking out in his defence even the party was privy how funds by the Foundation for Peace and Justice had been spent.

He is however grateful to former president Thabo Mbeki who granted him a pardon which saw his criminal slate being wiped clean.

Running with Horse is welcome addition to the body of literature on  South Africa`s struggle for liberation and deserves a place of honour and pride in every family`s bookshelf.

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