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Constellation of Lightweights!

How Business Day sees it

How Business Day sees it

Unity efforts by the leading South African opposition parties have been dismissed by an often quoted political  commentator  as a constellation of lightweights.

The commentator one Aubrey Matshiqi, says “a constellation of lightweights (the opposition) will not create a heavyweight (the ANC).”

These sentiments are shared by another analyst Steven Friedman whose view is that the “creation of a united opposition would not change the South African political landscape. The combined number of seats that the opposition will win in the election will be the same, regardless of whether they get together.”

What the two commentators choose to disregard is the fact that COPE and DA performed handsomely in the April 22 elections compared to the ANC`s losses in all the provinces except KwaZulu Natal.

Added to the ANC losses are the countrywide community upheavals over poor or non-existent service delivery by municipalities.

ANC arrogance in dealing with everyone from the DA, the media and restless communities is adding to the fuel that is eroding the party`s support and confidence.

COPE leaders Lekota and Shilowa

COPE leaders Lekota and Shilowa

It is this space that ANC has created that the united opposition can move into in its effort to offering South Africa the agenda for hope and change, this though will not happen overnight. A lot of thinking and work will have to go into this project if it has to have any impact.

The advent of COPE into the South Africa political landscape was seen as the best development that could have happened to safeguard democracy and hard worn freedoms.

COPE however failed to immediately live up to this expectation when it came a distant third during the recent general elections. All hasn`t however been lost – COPE has established itself firmly as a serious contender for political power and has huge prospects for future growth.

Unity talks among opposition parties will go a long way in realising that which COPE set out to achieve, offer the country a new agenda for change and hope.

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  1. Mphuthumi Ntabeni
    September 5, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    i agree

  2. Brave Heart
    September 7, 2009 at 6:28 am

    Thanks for the visit and comment. Please do visit some more in the future and give me your views on the issues I am raising on this blog. I am a newbie and find blogging quite lonesome when you don`t get inputs from others.

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