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Sexwale : The Epitome of Opportunism

Tokyo Sexwale:Minister of Human Settlements

Tokyo Sexwale:Minister of Human Settlements

In a a move described by our lazy commentators as going back to the basics, millionaire minister of human settlements Tokyo Sexwale slept in one of Gauteng`s poorest informal settlements. Sexwale`s visit to Diepsloot where he also spent the night is part of his nationwide tour of informal settlements to collect information for the Cabinet on how best to serve the needs of the poor.

This stunt by Sexwale came hot on the heels of his highly publicised meeting with captains of industry and his provincial counterparts to announce that better houses will be built under his leadership. At this meeting held, at the Johannesburg Securities Exchange Sexwale bid farewel to the glorified shacks that government has been building for the poor.

Sexwale`s Diepsloot safari should be seen for what it really is, a publicity stunt to deflect from the rot that is housing delivery in the country.

But then Sexwale is famous for his publicity antics which started with his bid for the ANC presidency in the build up to the party`s 52nd national conference held in Limpopo in 2007. Then Sexwale announced his candidature for the ANC presidency in a manner reserved for Hollywood blockbuster movies.

As we all know now, his third-way bid never took off the block and he opportunistically threw his weight behind the Jacob Zuma leadership template. Resources that he had put aside for his ambitious campaign were thrown into the hat in support of the Zuma campaign.

For his support, financial and otherwise, Sexwale was gifted the human settlements ministry with its huge housing backlogs and the legacy of apartheid planning.

Today we have a Sexwale armed with an expensive digital camera like a real tourist on  a fact-finding mission to the country`s informal settlement. The irony of it all is that the plight of the homeless in informal settlements is well catalagued by his department, provincial governments and municipalities through out the country. These catalogues would naturally inform housing plans and budgets.

What then would be the purpose for the Sexwale junket which includes spending nights in informal settlements!

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  1. Helene Vice
    August 5, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    Does Mr Sexwale really believe that South Africans are that naive to believe his visit to Diepkloof was intended because of his genuine concern for that community. I can well imagine that his security were placed on high alert during his visit there, A “luxury” ordinary South Africans don’t have. How true that it took a Ministerial position to influence Mr Sexwale’s visit to the poor. An opportunistic move cannot be truer. Did cabinet Ministers duscuss the needs of the people before embarking on such a visit, if so, why was it not combined with Social Services and Ministery of Local Government to seriously discuss integrated development and service delivery within the areas of need.

    Mr Sexwale speaks often of his struggle credentials and feels that South Africans owes him for some
    reason or the other. How much of his accumulated wealth will he be sharing with these indigent communities who’s blood, sweat and tears helped build the economy of this country especially in the mining industry.

    Perhaps Mr Sexwale realises that since the ANC took over Government Administration the standard of service delivery deteriorated to the standard that it is today. Billions having been lost over the past 15yrs due to poor planning, poor service delivery, greed and corruption.

    Is it only now that Mr Sexwale realises the atrocious conditions people are forced to live in. Did he honestly believe that it only happened during the apartheid years? No Mr Sexwale people were offered RDP houses and had no option but to raise children in 30m2 houses many built by bogus contractors. Limited space provided and no privacy for families….. the ANC’s interpretation of providing housing.

    If Mr Sexwale was genuinely concerned why has it taken him so long to voice an opinion. In fact not only an opinion but using his influence to stop mass production of inferior RDP houses which today the ANC government in retrospect realises was a big mistake . Living conditions created by the ANC was and still is a recipe for crime and violence. ‘Big Mistakes’ come at a cost which is then loaded onto the Tax Payer for their incompetence.

    South Africa appears to be the only country in the world that rewards people for poor performance. Reports have revealed that honesty has a penalty attached to it ” blow the whistle on corruption and you stand lose your job or be marginalised in some way or the other”.
    Corruption and the lack of accountability has reached extreme preportions evidence of it can be seen in just about every department. Housing, The Land Reform Program , Agriculture, Service Delivery at Local Government, Poor Hospital management, Health Services and Social Services etc.

    It took Zimbabwe approximately 20yrs to get to where it is today. Where will this new democracy in SA be in 5yrs time?

    Apart from wheelchairs Mr Sexwale says he exports to some place on the African continent perhaps we can see him put his Money where his mouth is and start re-distributing wealth to those who suffered both under the Aparheid system and the ANC government alike. By this he should consider using some of his wealth to empower people to fend for themselves with start -up capital and show them how he succeeded with a helping hand from Government. Further to that he can now use his influence on Government to open opprtunities for all South Africans.

  2. Brave Heart
    August 6, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    This is a sad tale of South Africa. We however need to go beyond complaining about it all and move to the realm of action. Action in doing our bit to open the eyes of the majority of those who return the ANC, election after election, to power.
    That is the only available option for us. We at least still have the freedom to express our views without fear of detention.
    This blog is but one of the avenues to spread the message of CHANGE and HOPE.

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