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Poor Mr Sexwale

Minister of Human Settlements Tokyo Sexwale has blamed the recent spate of “service delivery” unrest on the past administration. Sexwale`s past administration is a reference to former president Thabo Mbeki.

Mbeki becomes the second explanation for the violence that is spreading like wildfire in poor communities. The first being the third force that is out to undermine the ANC government.

It is ironic that Sexwale et al are using Mbeki as the reason why communities are up in arms in support of their demands for the long promised better life for all. In the build up to the recent elections work done by the Mbeki adminsitration was showcased as the reason why the whole of South Africa should be voting for the ANC.

Now comfortably perched in office and cruising in the mega-bucks cars, our new regime no longer has use for the good that Mbeki did for the country and the party. Yesterday all our ills were the fault of the apartheid regime, today we are blaming it on former president Mbeki. It can never be our fault – even when we are at fault.

If this is how our government is going to respond to problems, then there is no future for our country.

But then could we expect anything different from those Zapiro aptly called Pirates of Polokwane. These are men and women, who united by their personal hatred of Thabo Mbeki hijacked the ANC and derailed the national democratic revolution.

As for Mr Sexwale, didn`t he attempt some third way in the pre-Polokwane ANC leadership race using the millions he made after jumping government ship for the private sector. When his kite couldn`t take off, Sexwale threw his lot behind the Jacob Zuma bandwaggon. This lack of consistency and principle lost Sexwale whatever little respect he might have enjoyed.

His most recent utterances on “service delivery” unrests served to expose the opportunist in him. All that we expected from him was to roll out a comprehensive programme to deliver decent housing to the needy. Whilst he is playing cheap politics, houses worse than apartheid-era match-box houses are built.

Cry the beloved country.

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